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Shri Vighnahar Ganpati Devasthan Trust - Ozar, Maharashtra

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Project Overview

Location: Ozar, Maharashtra, India

Waste Sources: Devasthan Annachatra kitchen, after-meal food waste, hotels in the village, households in the village

Client: Shri Vighnahar Ganpati Devasthan Trust

Consultancy: Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd.


Shri Vighnahar Ganpati Devasthan Trust, situated in Ozar, Maharashtra, exemplifies a commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Facing the challenge of managing food waste, including kitchen waste and biodegradable garbage generated by the temple's Annachatra kitchen, hotels, and households in the village, the Trust sought to transform this waste into a valuable resource. Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. was chosen as a partner to establish a biogas solution and develop products from the biogas output.

  • Food Waste Management: Efficiently managing the significant quantity of food waste generated by the temple's Annachatra kitchen, hotels, and households while minimizing environmental impact.

  • Energy Sustainability: Reducing energy costs and dependence on conventional energy sources while promoting clean energy alternatives.

  • Fertiliser Production: Converting biogas byproducts into high-quality fertilisers for sustainable agriculture.

  • Solution Provided by Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. : Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. collaborated closely with Shri Vighnahar Ganpati Devasthan Trust to create an integrated solution addressing these challenges.

Biogas Setup
  • Forecast Agrotech designed and installed a cutting-edge biogas plant, capable of efficiently digesting food waste and biodegradable garbage. This plant converted the organic waste into clean and sustainable biogas.

  •  The biogas setup included advanced technology for the digestion of organic matter and collection of biogas.

Product Development

Forecast Agrotech worked hand in hand with the Trust to maximise the value derived from the biogas produced:

  • Biogas:The biogas generated was utilised for various purposes, including: - Supplying biogas to the Devasthan Annachatra kitchen for cooking, reducing energy costs.

  • Solid Output (PROM): The solid residue from biogas production, known as PROM, was processed into high-quality organic fertiliser. This product enhanced soil fertility and crop yields, promoting sustainable agriculture practices in the region.

  • Liquid Output (Bio Slurry): The liquid byproduct, enriched Bio Slurry, served as a nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser, further contributing to improved agricultural productivity. These fertilisers were packaged and sold to devotees visiting the temple.

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The partnership between Shri Vighnahar Ganpati Devasthan Trust and Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. yielded notable results:


1. Waste Management: The Trust achieved efficient and sustainable management of food waste, significantly reducing environmental impact and promoting cleanliness in the village.


2. Energy Savings: The biogas plant reduced energy costs for the temple's Annachatra kitchen, contributing to cost-effective and sustainable temple operations.


3. Sustainable Agriculture: The use of biogas byproducts as PROM and Bio Slurry improved soil fertility and crop yields, supporting local agriculture and reducing the need for chemical fertilisers.


4. Economic Sustainability: The sale of biogas and fertilisers created an additional revenue stream for the Trust, further supporting its mission.


The Shri Vighnahar Ganpati Devasthan Trust's initiative in Ozar, Maharashtra, serves as a remarkable example of converting food waste into valuable resources, promoting clean energy, and enhancing agricultural sustainability. This case study underscores the potential of biogas technology and product development to drive sustainable practices within communities, benefiting both the environment and local economy.

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