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About Us

We are an impassioned team of highly skilled collaborators, dedicated to leveraging our knowledge to craft and execute solutions that are not only meaningful but also scalable. Our exceptional communication and development prowess have not only cemented our presence across India but have also extended our reach to the global stage.

Year Of establishment
Presence in Countries

Our Story

Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd is the embodiment of a visionary journey led by Dr. Santosh Sahane. With over two decades of extensive experience in the field of organic farming and sustainable agricultural practices, Dr. Santosh's unwavering commitment to transforming agriculture was the driving force behind our establishment.

A Passion for Sustainable Agriculture

Dr. Santosh Sahane's passion for sustainable agriculture began with his ground-level work alongside farmers. This hands-on experience not only gave him invaluable insights into the challenges faced by agricultural communities but also allowed him to witness the transformative potential of sustainable practices.

A Bridge Between Farmers and Science

Dr. Santosh Sahane's dedication to bridging the gap between farmers and the global scientific community became the cornerstone of Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. He realised that the key to agricultural progress lay in harmonising traditional farming wisdom with cutting-edge scientific innovations.

The Birth of Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd.

In 2020, Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd was formally registered as a private limited company. This marked the official beginning of our mission to revolutionise agriculture by offering innovative solutions that are both farmer-centric and environmentally sustainable. At Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd, we are committed to Dr. Santosh Sahane's vision of creating a brighter, more sustainable future for agriculture. Our journey is a testament to the belief that by empowering farmers with knowledge, technology, and eco-friendly practices, we can enhance livelihoods, protect the environment, and ensure food security for generations to come.

Join us in our quest to transform agriculture and make a positive impact on the world. Together, we can sow the seeds of change and reap a bountiful harvest of sustainable prosperity.


Our Timeline

One PPP unit initiated

Second pilot initiated

50 units initiated

Collaboration- International agencies

20 units






150 units


110 units


UTI Kota nad BARC Collaboration

80 units





Our Founders

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  • Qualifications: M.Sc Agri (Entomology), Ph. D. (Waste Management)

  • Roles and Achievements:

  • Founder & CEO: Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Pune

  • Director: ASHA Foundation for Sustainability

  • Member: Organic Farming Strategy Committee, Govt. Of. Maharashtra

  • Member: BioAg Asia Forum

  • Technical Director: Vegetable Growers Association Of India.

Dr. Santosh Sahane 
​Founder and CEO

  • Qualifications: M.B.B.S., MS(Ortho), MBA

  • Role: Dr. Adish Patil serves as the Chief Operating Officer, bringing proficiency in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) skills. In addition to his medical background, he is pursuing an MBA program in Lausanne, Switzerland, to enhance his education and training. He is a doctor by profession and an environmentalist by passion.

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Dr. Adish Patil

Co-founder and COO

  • Qualifications: Masters in Agriculture Economics

  • Role: Mrs. Vrushali Santosh Sahane, with a background in Agriculture Economics, plays a crucial role in the organization. She is actively involved in teaching at agriculture institutes and is a founding pillar of our organization.

  • These profiles showcase the expertise and dedication of our founders, who bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to drive Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd's mission of sustainable agriculture and innovation in waste management.

Vrushali Sahane 

Director Strategies & Marketing

Our Clients

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