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Urban Improvement Trust, Kota - Devnarayan Pashupalak Awas Yojana

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Project Overview

Location: Kota, Rajasthan

Farm Size: 15,000 Cows

Client: Urban Improvement Trust, Kota

Consultancy: Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd.


Urban Improvement Trust, Kota, envisioned transforming Devnarayan Pashupalak Awas Yojana into a sustainable and environmentally responsible community. With a large cattle population of 15,000 cows, the challenge was managing the substantial organic waste generated by the community while harnessing renewable energy sources. To address these challenges, Urban Improvement Trust, Kota, collaborated with Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. to implement a biogas solution and develop valuable products from biogas output.

  • Organic Waste Management: Efficiently managing the significant amount of organic waste generated by the community of cattle owners.

  • Energy Sustainability: Reducing energy costs and dependence on conventional energy sources while promoting clean energy alternatives.

  • Solution Provided by Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd.: Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. partnered with Urban Improvement Trust, Kota, to develop a holistic solution for the Devnarayan Pashupalak Awas Yojana community.

Biogas Setup
  • Forecast Agrotech designed and installed an advanced biogas plant within the community. This biogas plant utilized the organic waste generated by the cows to produce clean and sustainable biogas.

  • The biogas setup incorporated state-of-the-art technology for efficient organic matter digestion and biogas collection.

Product Development

Forecast Agrotech worked closely with Urban Improvement Trust, Kota, to maximize the value derived from the biogas produced:

  • Biogas: The biogas generated was used for multiple purposes, including: Selling biogas to GAIL (Gas Authority of India Limited), generating revenue for the community. Generating electricity for the community, reducing energy costs and promoting clean energy usage.

  • Solid Output (GoAmrut PROM): The solid residue from the biogas production process, known as GoAmrut PROM, was processed into high-quality organic fertilizer. This product improved soil fertility and crop yields on the farm while reducing the need for chemical fertilisers.

  • Liquid Output (Devnarayan GORAS): The liquid byproduct, Devnarayan GORAS, served as a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer, enhancing agricultural productivity and reducing reliance on chemical fertilizers.

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The collaboration between Urban Improvement Trust, Kota, and Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. yielded impressive results:


1. Waste Management: Devnarayan Pashupalak Awas Yojana achieved efficient and sustainable organic waste management, significantly reducing environmental impact.


2. Energy Independence: The biogas plant reduced energy costs for both the community and individual households while contributing to a cleaner environment.


3. Revenue Generation: By selling biogas to GAIL, the community generated additional income, further supporting its sustainability initiatives.


4. Sustainable Agriculture: The use of biogas byproducts, Devnarayan GOPROM and Devnarayan GORAS, improved soil fertility and crop yields, promoting sustainable agriculture practices.


The Urban Improvement Trust, Kota, Devnarayan Pashupalak Awas Yojana project serves as an inspiring example of how community-based biogas solutions can transform waste into valuable resources while promoting sustainable energy practices and agriculture. This case study underscores the potential for biogas technology and product development to drive sustainable development within communities, enhancing both economic and environmental well-being.

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