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 Nimai Dairy Farm's Sustainable Biogas Solution

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​​Farm Profile

Farm Name:  Nimai Dairy Farm

Farm Size:  300 Gir Cows (indigenous breed)

Location:  Nimaai Dairy Farm Pvt.Ltd. Sangamner- Akole Road, Satva Mail, Dhanadarphal., Sangamner, India, Maharashtra


Nimai Dairy Farm, a leading dairy enterprise in [Location], is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. With a herd of 300 indigenous Gir cows, the farm faced the challenge of managing organic waste efficiently and harnessing renewable energy sources to reduce operational costs. To address these challenges, Nimai Dairy Farm sought the expertise of Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. for the implementation of a biogas solution and the development of valuable products from biogas output

  • Organic Waste Management : Managing the substantial organic waste generated by the dairy farm efficiently while minimizing environmental impact.

  • Energy Sustainability : Reducing energy costs and dependence on conventional sources by harnessing renewable energy options.

  • Solution Provided by Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. : Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. collaborated closely with Nimai Dairy Farm to develop a comprehensive solution that addressed their challenges.

Biogas Setup
  • Forecast Agrotech designed and installed a state-of-the-art biogas plant on the farm premises. This biogas plant utilised the organic waste generated by the cows to produce clean and sustainable biogas.

  • The biogas setup included advanced technology for the efficient digestion of organic matter and biogas collection.

Product Development

Forecast Agrotech worked closely with Nimai Dairy Farm to maximise the value derived from the biogas produced:

  • Biogas: The biogas generated was harnessed for various on-farm applications, including heating water and providing electricity for farm operations, reducing the farm's energy costs.

  • Solid Output (GoAmrut PROM): The solid residue from the biogas production process, known as GoAmrut PROM, was processed into high-quality organic fertilizer. This product improved soil fertility and crop yields on the farm while reducing the need for chemical fertilisers.

  • Liquid Output (GoAmrut Bio Slurry): The liquid byproduct, GoAmrut Bio Slurry, served as an excellent nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser, enhancing crop growth and reducing the farm's reliance on synthetic fertilisers.

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The collaboration between Nimai Dairy Farm and Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. yielded remarkable results:


1. Waste Management: Nimai Dairy Farm achieved efficient and sustainable organic waste management, significantly reducing environmental impact.


2. Energy Savings: The biogas setup reduced energy costs by providing clean and renewable energy for on-farm operations.


3. Product Development: The farm successfully monetized biogas outputs with the production of GoAmrut PROM and GoAmrut Bio Slurry, enhancing soil fertility and crop yields.


4. Sustainability: Nimai Dairy Farm's commitment to sustainability was reinforced by reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.


The partnership between Nimai Dairy Farm and Forecast Agrotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. exemplifies how sustainable agricultural practices, waste management, and renewable energy solutions can transform a traditional dairy farm into a model of innovation and environmental stewardship.

This case study showcases the potential of biogas technology and product development to drive sustainable agriculture in India and beyond.

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