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B2C Products

Experience the pinnacle of quality with our two flagship products. Designed to benefit users while prioritising sustainability, they are a farmer's essential choice for excellence. 

GoRas -Bioslurry

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Go-Prom- Manure

1) Increase crop yield by 20-30%. 2) Replace chemical nitrogen and   phosphorus by 25%. 3) Stimulate plant growth. 4) Activate the soil biologically. 5) Restore natural soil fertility. 6) Provide protection against drought and  some soil borne diseases 7) Cost effective. 8) Supplement to fertilizers. 9) Eco-friendly (Friendly with nature). 10) Reduces the costs towards fertilizers use, especially regarding nitrogen and phosphorus...

1) High yield and quality. 2) Improves soil physical properties like soil structure and porosity. 3) Increases availability of nutrients in soil and plant. 4) CO2  is released during decomposition and helps to reduce alkalinity of soil. 5) Binds soil particles into aggregate porosity. 6) Increases infiltration and water holding capacity in the soil. 7) Reduces soil erosion through better soil structure. 8) Acts as buffering agents which helps to reduce damage from excessive acid, alkalinity of soil. 9) Helps to mitigate climate change. 10) Improves soil health and fertility. 11) Stimulates activity of micro-organisms that makes plant food elements in the soil readily available for crops.


   Introducing GoRas -Bioslurry

At Forecast Agrotech, we are committed to revolutionizing agriculture and empowering farmers with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. One of our flagship B2C products, GoRAS (Bioslurry), is designed to maximize crop yield and promote soil health.

Increase Crop

GoRAS has been proven to increase crop yield by an impressive 20-30%. This means higher productivity and better returns for farmers.

Reduce Chemical

GoRAS helps reduce the reliance on chemical nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers by up to 25%, promoting environmentally friendly farming practices.

Stimulate Plant

It stimulates plant growth, leading to healthier and more robust crops

Biological Soil


GoRAS activates the soil biologically, creating a thriving ecosystem for your plants.

Restore Soil

Over time, GoRAS helps restore natural soil fertility, ensuring sustainable and long-term crop production


It provides protection against drought stress and offers some defense against soil-borne diseases.


GoRAS is a cost-effective solution that helps you save on fertilizer expenses, especially regarding nitrogen and phosphorus.


Use GoRAS as a supplement to your regular fertilizers for enhanced results.

  Invest in GoRAS and experience the transformative power of sustainable agriculture for yourself.

Introducing Go-Prom - Manure

At Forecast Agrotech, we understand the importance of soil health and its direct impact on crop quality and yield. Our B2C product, Go-Prom (Manure), is designed to improve soil properties and enhance crop growth

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High Yield and Quality

Go-Prom promotes high crop yield and ensures better produce quality.

Improved Soil Structure

It enhances soil physical properties, such as soil structure and porosity, which are crucial for healthy plant growth.

Increased Nutrient Availability

Go-Prom increases the availability of essential nutrients in the soil and for your plants.

CO2 Release

During decomposition, Go-Prom releases CO2, which helps reduce soil alkalinity, creating a more favorable environment for plants.

Enhanced Soil Porosity

It binds soil particles into aggregate porosity, improving soil infiltration and water-holding capacity.

Soil Erosion Reduction

Go-Prom's positive impact on soil structure reduces soil erosion, protecting your fields from degradation.

Buffering Agent

Acting as a buffering agent, Go-Prom helps neutralize soil acidity and alkalinity, ensuring optimal soil pH levels.

Climate Change Mitigation

By improving soil health and reducing the carbon footprint, Go-Prom contributes to climate change mitigation efforts.

Invest in Go-Prom to revitalize your soil, boost crop quality, and play your part in sustainable agriculture practices.

At Forecast Agrotech, our B2C products, GoRAS and Go-Prom, are designed to empower farmers and promote sustainable, eco-friendly farming practices. Join us in the journey towards a greener, more prosperous agricultural future.

Both GoRAS and Go-Prom are versatile products that can be tailored to specific crop and gardening needs. When used as directed, they promote sustainable and eco-friendly farming and gardening practices while improving soil health and crop productivity.

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